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The Official Website of
State Public Service Commission
Last Update: 7 Aug 2020
Version 8.3.0
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1. Terms of ApplIcation

      1.1   All applications can be submitted online through the website

Applicants who register online (including applicants among government officials who are on duty) are required to submit their original documents / certificates that have been certified only if they are called to attend the interviews as follows: -

a) Passport-sized photo

b) Identification Card (MyKad)

c) Birth Certificate

d) Academic Certificates

e) School Leaving Certificate

f) Other documents / certificates that are necessary and relevant to the application

g) Application from officers in service shall made through the Head of Department and must submit all documents above and the following document:

i) Job vacancy application letter through the Head of Department and the review

    whether he supports the application or not

ii) A copy of the updated service statement

iii) Latest annual performance assessment report

2. General Description


The State Public Service Commission is implementing All-time Recruitment System whereby applicants can apply for ten (10) positions of interest (and meet minimum eligibility requirements) and the application will be valid for one (1) year from the date of application.


The vacant posts in the state public service and local authorities will be advertised from time to time by the State Public Service Commission (and other appointing authorities) through the e-Recruitment website. Applicants who have registered can update their respective job applications based on their advertised positions. For those who have not yet registered and are interested in applying for an advertised vacancy, you must first submit a complete online registration through the e-Recruitment website.


The State Public Service Commission (and other appointing authorities) will list application filtering if there are vacancies at any time during the year.

  2.4 Only candidates who have registered and passed the application filters set by the Sarawak Public Service Commission (or other appointing authority) will be called for interviews. Applicants can check the status of their application on the above mentioned website.
  2.5 Only successful applicants during the interview will be notified by offer letter while the unsuccessful applicant will not be notified by letter.
  2.6 A detailed information on vacancies and eligibility requirements is available through the website
  2.7 Subject to the interview program, if the applicant does not receive any feedback / response within 3-4 months of the interview date, the applicant will be considered unsuccessful.


Applicants however can contact the advertising department / ministry for more information on their application.
3.  How to Apply

  3.1 If you are an applicant who register for the first time;
    (i) Click the 'New Registration' button

Fill in the password that will be used to log into the e-recruitment system.

(Please make sure the selected password is safe and easy to remember by the applicant but not easy for others)
    (iii) Complete all the information on the registration form including the email address.
 (iv) Click ‘Submit’ button.
      Applicants will receive a notification on the computer screen informing them that the registration has been successful.

Click the 'here' button to access the applicant's personal information and complete all other information as follows: -

a) Personal Information

b) Academic Information

c) External Activity Information

d) Additional Information

e) Applicant's Avowal


Please make sure all the information in your e-Recruitment system is complete. If the data is not relevant, please make sure you select the 'NO RELATED (N / A)' option list.

Applicants are required to mark (√) the "Applicant's Avowal" each time they add or update new information in their respective e-Recruitment accounts.
    (vi) Click the 'Application Form' button and then click on 'Application for Job' to select the position that interests you and suitable with the eligibility criteria. Select the desired position and click the 'Update' button.


Please complete all the information marked in red * in the main menu before applying online and 'NO RELATED (N / A)' content if the information provided is not relevant.
The 'Update / Submit' button to submit a job application will only be displayed on the screen once all information has been completed.

If the applicant wants to check the status of the application, click the 'Application Form' button and then click on 'Application Status'.

If the status of the application is still 'New', that means the job is not yet processed OR the advertising department processed the vacancy manually.

If the status of the application changes to 'Meet the Criteria', it means that the application is shortlisted and may be called for interview. Check the schedule for interview call confirmation or written test. Click the 'Schedule' button and select the desired schedule type either 'Test Schedule, AC Schedule, or Interview Schedule’. The 'Meet the Criteria' status is not necessarily called for interview.

If the status of the application changes 'Does not meet the Filter Criteria', it means the application does not meet the criteria of the appointing authority and is not shortlisted / not selected for interview.
    (viii) Click the 'Exit' button when you're done signing up and applying.

  3.2 If you are a registered applicant and only want to apply for a vacant job being advertised;
    (i) Enter the New Identification Card Number and Password.
    (ii) Repeat the steps 3.1 (vi) and (vii)
    (iii) Click the 'EXIT' button when you're done applying.

If you are a registered applicant and simply want to update the information in the e-recruitment system;
    (i) Enter the New Identification Card Number and Password.
    (ii) Update the information you want to change and click the 'Submit' button each time after updating.
    (iii) Click the ‘Exit’ button after done updating.


If the applicant has forgotten the password for the e-Recruitment account, click 'Forgot Password' on the home page and fill in the new identification card number and email address used to register previously. The new Password will be sent to the registered email address and please change the password provided for security purposes. If the applicant is still having problems, please call the call center at 1-300-88-7246 for a password reset.