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FAQ eScholarshipFAQ eScholarship

1. What is Biasiswa Pinjaman Kerajaan Negeri Sarawak (BPKNS)?

BPKNS is a form of financial incentive, which is a scholarship loan provided by the Sarawak State Government to Sarawak students studying at the Public Institution of Higher Learning (IPTA) in the country.
2. How to apply BPKNS?

Applications must be made online through the website
3. Who is eligible to apply BPKNS?

a.Malaysian citizen and permanent resident of Sarawak;

b.After receiving a letter of offer for full time Diploma and First Degree at IPTA;

c.Do not receive any sponsorship or loan from any other agency.
4. When is BPKNS ads released every year?

The advertisement for the application will be released after the decision on the offer of admission to the public university is received. Please refer to advertisements in local newspapers or visit the website from time to time.
5. Do applicants need to make any purchase of a pin number for the new application process, as practiced by PTPTN?

No need to purchase any pin number. Just log in to and fill out the required details.
6. We are aware that the name for this educational loan is the "Sarawak State Loan Scholarship". If a student achieves outstanding results during the course of their studies (if any is specified by the SPA), will the educational loan be automatically sponsored by the scholarship, or will the student still have to pay any amount?

For this information, the BPKNS involves a combination of two main incentives components, scholarships and loans, where the grant ratio of 75% is scholarship and 25% is student loan. We determine if the student successfully finishes the student only need to repay 25% of the total allocation. However, in the event that the student fails or resigns, the student shall pay 100% of the allocation provided.
7. If this education loan be transferred to a scholarship status, will the sponsored students be bound by any employment / career contract with the Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam (SPA) Malaysia, as determined by the Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (JPA) Malaysia?

Students are not bound by any employment contract by the State Government.
8. What is the repayment period provided by BPKNS to the sponsored student upon graduation?

The maximum payout period is 60 months or 5 years.
9. Are there any plans from BPKNS to provide loan facilities to applicants who wish to further their studies in part-time / PJJ mode?

There are no plans on our part to provide loans for students who are furthering their studies in part-time / PJJ mode.